Highlight Tour




Khao Khew Zoo

    The first zoo in Thailand Visitors can enjoy
animal life from either the day time or the
night time. Visitors can drive or take a service
bus provided to look around the zoo. Visitors
can also closely see non-dangerous animals and
touch them.....



Sanctuary of Truth

   Wooden architecture of the building is
similar to the architecture of Ayutthaya era,
approximately 400 years ago. Embellished with
solely wood carving, without any cement or
metal at all. There is also a dolphin show to
entertain  visitors twice a day.....




      Mimosa Pattaya is a new attraction and
shopping area not far from Pattaya city. With
its interesting architecture, Mimosa can
deliver good atmosphere and spots for visitors
to take photos. There are also massage shops
cafe and several other relaxing spots, in other
word, this...




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