Bang Saray (Bang Sa-re)

   Visitors looking for either fresh or dried       
seafood with low price because the chefs use
fresh seafood from the jetties to cook such



Chong Samae San

   A fishing village at Sattahip for decades.
There are a pack of small islands located near



Dongtan Beach

   There are a plenty of high sugar palm trees   
along he beach. There is also sailing clubs
providing a sailing course for visitors....



Jomtien Beach

   This could be seen as a great point for those
who look for a family place because the beach
is a lot



Koh Larn Pattaya

   Visitors can enjoy white sandy beaches and    
coral reefs. Near koh Larn, there are also two
small islands, where these small islands are
famous for coral reefs....




Wong Amat Beach and Wong Prachan

   1 kilometer long beach The gradually slope      
white beach is a good place to attract visitors
to enjoy swimming.


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