Art in Paradise  

   The first and only one illusion art museum -   
the museum presenting
Additionally, visitors can enjoy the museum...  



Mini Siam

   Mini Siam,a miniature city, offering replicas
of sacred places and important historical sites
around Thailand at a scale of 1 to 25. Such
outstanding architectural works are,for




   Mimosa Pattaya is a new attraction and
shopping area not far from Pattaya city. With
its interesting architecture, Mimosa can deliver
good atmosphere and spots for visitors to take
photos. There are also...



Under Water World  

   It features a 100-metre long underwater
tunnel with a capacity of 3.8 million litres of
water,  which showcases an impressive diversity
of 5,000 fishes from 500 species from
Thailand and around this region...



Sea Turtle Conservation Center

   Visitors will get knowledge about sea turtle    
life and different types of Thai sea turtles...



Teddy Bear Museum

   Particularly popular with Asian visitors and an
unshakable part of the tour bus itinerary,
every exhibit can be at least touched and, in
many cases, interacted with....



Ripley's [World of Entertainment Pattaya]  

   Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Museum is a world
famous family oriented walk through tourist
attraction that originated in the U.S.A...


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