Park & Zoo




Khao Kheow Open Zoo

   The first zoo in Thailand. Visitors can enjoy   
animal life from either the day time or the
night time...



Nong-nooch Garden

   Nong Nooch Tropical Garden is a major
tourist attraction in Pattaya. Although the
garden is very large, it is well decorated for     
every part. Visitors can find...



Dolphin Show

   Pattaya dolphin world. One and Only dolphin
show in Pattaya.experience your own for once   
in your lift...



Pattaya Elephant Village 

   A visit to the Elephant Village is not only        
unique experience, but it is also a lifesaver
because the fees paid by our visitors
contribute to, the very survival of the



Pattaya Sheep Farm

   The Sheep Farm sits on 20 rai of land with
animal pens, a steakhouse, a few barns, an
aviary, a Dutch windmill, some wigwams and
more. Now there’s a very welcome first for      



Silver Lake Vineyard  

   Set against the natural beauty of the
surrounding hills and the silver shimmer of the
vineyard’s namesake lake, SILVERLAKE
VINEYARD offers a wide variety of facilities



Siriporn Orchid Pattaya

   Visitors can find different types of orchids
in a compact garden. Opportunity to see
beautiful orchids in Pattaya instead of going to
see them at northern Thailand.



Crocodile Farm  

   The Million Years Stone Park & Pattaya
Crocodile Farm   Located on an over-70-acre     
piece of land just 15 minutes' drive from
      This Park & Farm is a new striking tourist
attraction created with more than 20 years'



Sriracha Tiger Zoo  

   It boasts to contain the largest number of 
Bengal tigers, bred successfully by the farm
   Besides, the zoo has several other animals 
such as...



Big Bee Farm  

   Lots of interest for all ages, just interest,
educational, medical and practical all under one
roof. Well not quite as you have to go outside
to see the hives and the bees. Outside you can
meet the beeman...



Dinosaur Park 

   Located on Sukhumvit Road, 4 km, from
South Pattaya, this place brings you face-to-   
face with life-size replicas of the creatures
that lived two hundred million years ago...



Snake Show

   The Snake Farm or Queen Saowapha
Memorial Institute, formerly the Pasteur         
Institute, is set up to produce anti-venom
serum for snake-bite victims nationwide.
Venomous snakes including the king cobra...


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